Celebrating the Creo Farm School Class of 2024

As a photographer, it’s a privilege to capture moments that hold such profound significance. Recently, I had the honor of photographing the 6th and 8th grade graduates of Creo Farm School, and what a celebration it was!

A Journey of Growth and Discovery

From the first click of the shutter, I could see the journey these students have been on. They’ve faced challenges, embraced learning, and grown together. The first photo captures the essence of their bond. Our 8th graders, arm in arm, in their green and gold gowns, radiate pride and excitement. Every smile, every embrace tells a story of friendship and achievement.

Celebrating Individual Achievements

The beauty of graduation lies in the details—the tearful smiles, the proud glances, the heartfelt hugs. As I moved through the ceremony, I captured moments of recognition and joy. A student receiving her diploma, standing tall with a supportive teacher, encapsulates the hard work and dedication that define these young achievers.

Another poignant moment shows a graduate hugging a loved one tightly. It’s a reminder of the unwavering support from families, without which these milestones wouldn’t be possible. These images are a testament to the collective effort that goes into nurturing young minds.

Looking Ahead

For the 6th graders, this graduation marks the beginning of a new chapter. They step forward, armed with knowledge and the values instilled in them at Creo Farm School. Their journey continues, and I am excited to see where it takes them.

For the 8th graders, this ceremony is a gateway to high school. They are on the brink of new challenges and opportunities. I captured their confident smiles, knowing that they are ready to make a mark in the world.

A Heartfelt Thank You

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the teachers, staff, and families who have been instrumental in these students’ journeys. Your dedication and love shine through in every photograph.

To the graduates of Creo Farm School Class of 2024, congratulations! Your future is bright, and I am honored to have captured this milestone in your journey.


Eric Aufhammer

Two young 8th grade graduates watching a speech at the 2024 Creo Farm School Graduation ceremony
Young 8th Grade female Graduate hugs her teacher after giving a speech at the Creo School Graduation Ceremony
Creo Farm School Icon and Logo behind a park bench surrounded by bushes
Creo Farm School Graduation picture of girl with cap and gown with a teacher and diploma
Creo Farm School graduation ceremony gathering with a crowd of people
Creo School graduation ceremony picture of a young girl with the graduates outdoors
Two young Creo School graduates outside in front of 2024 sign wearing cap and gown
Creo School graduation gifts for 8th grade graduates a photo of small desk globes with names
Creo School graduate from 6th grade in front of Creo School sign for 2024
2024 Creo School Dean and Teacher outside of their graduation ceremony
Woman taking picture of Creo School Graduates in front of a lit 2024 sign
2024 Creo School Dean and two Teachers outside of their graduation ceremony
2024 Creo School graduation pictured is 8th grad girls one who is teary eyed with emotion
A group picture of the Creo School 2024 8th grade graduates
Creo School 2024 graduation. Pictured are the Teachers of the Creo Farm School
2024 8th Grade graduates hugging a teacher in front of a crowd of people on the Creo School Farm
8th Grade graduates pictured is two males and one female in a crowd watching the ceremony